Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More on Fine's paper

More on Fine's paper

"It is the reality of something intrinsically tensed that is in question." p. 13. Yes, and intrinsicness is one of the 6 properties that qualia have, as given by Lormand in "Qualia! (Now Showing at a Theater near You)". And, it's been speculated (by me) that one of the aspects of time--"qualitative" temporal flow--is a kind or class of quale(-ia).

About McTaggart and everyone else who believes "time does not exist". I considered the idea, but abandoned it because I realized it would be impossible to convince my landlady that time doesn't exist. I'm serious.

I finally read most of the rest of Fine's paper. He said most of it back in 2005!

I'm curious to see the impact on physics. He argued the tensed reality now is fragmented along relatively moving but inertial frames of reference (as in Special Relatively), among many other things.

I've argued for the plausibility of the idea

(1) two objects o1 and o2 evolve according to their own versions of a tensed reality now,

to the extent that

(2) o1 and o2 each find the other to be in a quantum superposition

(In the Relational interpretation of quantum mechanics the Psi-function doesn't describe the absolute state of a quantum system, but the potential states of interaction between the system and the reference system.)

I haven't figured out if the interpretation goes like: the other system's qualitative time in is play where the Hamiltonian doesn't commute with the observable, or what. 

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