Monday, March 19, 2012

Quantum Realism implies what?

The Outline.

What does Quantum Realism imply for the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of time?

Quantum Realism

1. a whole is greater than the sum of its parts

2. the value of a measurement is dependent on the measurement context

3. Relationalism: a state is relative to which system is doing the measuring

4. non-locality (which isn't a problem)

The philosophy of mind: Dualism, Materialism, Qualia-ism

Dualism: there is the physical and there is the mental, and they are tightly correlated. If a single irreducible quale q is correlated to a single irreducible quantum system s, the number of possible subjective states increases wildly as the number of subsystems (by (1)) increases.

(Double-Aspectism (Chalmers:) is a mature form of Dualism: the physical and qualia are two aspects of one kind of underlying stuff.)

Materialism: everything, including all subjective experience, is identical to a collection of physical entities in some configuration.

Qualia-ism: everything, including all "objects", are identical to a collection of qualia in some configuration.

The philosophy of time: A-series, B-series

I don't know.

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