Friday, February 22, 2013

know-how vs. propositional knowledge

I'd say know-how and propositional knowledge are not reducible to each other.

Why Know-how and Propositional Knowledge Are Mutually Irreducible

David Löwenstein

The distinction between knowing how to do something and knowing that something is the case is a piece of common sense. Still, it has been suggested that one of these concepts can be reduced to the other one. Intellectualists like Jason Stanley (2011) try to reduce know-how to propositional knowledge, while practicalists like Stephen Hetherington (2011) try to reduce propositional knowledge to know-how. I argue that both reductionist programs fail because they make the manifestations of the knowledge to be reduced unintelligible. Contrary to both, I suggest that know-how and propositional knowledge are distinct, but conceptually interdependent.


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