Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I haven't read this yet: Contextual logic for quantum systems Graciela Domenech ∗1 and Hector Freytes 2 February 1, 2008 1. Instituto de Astronom´ıa y F´ısica del Espacio (IAFE) Casilla de Correo 67, Sucursal 28, 1428 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2. Escuela de Filosof´ıa - Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Entre R´ıos 758, 2000, Rosario, Argentina Abstract In this work we build a quantum logic that allows us to refer to physical magnitudes pertaining to different contexts from a fixed one without the contradictions with quantum mechanics expressed in no-go theorems. This logic arises from considering a sheaf over a topological space associated to the Boolean sublattices of the ortholattice of closed subspaces of the Hilbert space of the physical system. Differently to standard quantum logics, the contextual logic maintains a distributive lattice structure and a good definition of implication as a residue of the conjunction. PACS numbers: 03.65.Ta, 02.10.-v

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