Monday, April 17, 2017

my conversations with Prince

my conversations with Prince over social media somewhere he put up a picture and said write a caption. this was his way of saying: tell me what you think of me. i didn't write a caption but he was also on twitter for a brief time. his twitter account/feed was not permanent (which is consistent with his way of doing things). paraphrasing, he said something like (I will quote from one of his lines) Prince: 'rave unto the joy fantastic with dr. love' me: "you should get checked out you might be bi-polar" (or something close) Prince: ':-)' or something thereabouts--I remember he liked the bipolar joke. me: "Prince is utterly superficial" yes I wrote that to him. mental illness was involved you don't need the details. Prince: 'why you want to bring down someone who's found his joy' that is a paraphrase except for the word 'his'. that struck me as amazing--after all that he accomplished and was known for he used the word 'his' as if to say: I'm just another person, no better or worse than anyone else, with his own personal taste. that was completely amazing to me. later that day he divined what I was getting at and he tweeted a line from one of his songs: Prince: "we claim Miles Davis not Michelangelo". that blew me away too. he was a pop-Mozart, but he knew he was not a classical musician. and he's right--his music is about as deep as Miles Davis's (I mean this in a good way). he was the hardest working artist in modern times and has thousands of unreleased songs and videos. so I said me:"5000 songs released at 10 per year he b releasing songs for 500 years" (or something almost exactly the same). Prince: "It's not about the money it's about the gold". this is just amazing and also blew me away. I will not cheapen it by explaining it. others were tweeting him too. Prince: 'many of you have said you are lonely. but how can you be lonely when God is with you?' (or something very similar). and this, too, blew me away. if God is always with you then you are never alone and therefore not lonely. but it must be admitted he was around people all the time (except for a day or two here or there) so he would naturally not be lonely (in the superficial sense) anyway (though he was probably lonely in the deeper sense). Prince: 'people are asking me what the answer [to their life] is. I don't know' (or similar). Prince's answer for himself was music (which unfortunately proved insufficient in the end) but he didn't have the answer for everybody--one has to find it for one's self, if possible. Rest In Peace

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